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Podcast 044: Uncovering the Allure of Cabo Rental Properties with Michele Poirier

In this episode of Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto welcome Michele Poirier who shares invaluable insights about property management and renting in Cabo San Lucas.

Michele started a property management business after moving to Cabo from Canada, and now manages 14 homes. She highlights the safety and amenities of living in Cabo, discussing her own 1200 sq ft rental in a gated community and pointing out the rental process challenges, pricing, and adjustments to Mexican life.

Michele emphasizes the importance of making a gradual transition to Mexico, considering the technicalities of managing phone numbers, emails, and banking. She provides practical advice for those straddling life between two countries and stresses that the rental agreements, usually in Spanish, require a deposit and references. With rental market expectations and cost breakdowns—including how her company, Proper Savvy Property Management, assists in managing homes, listing on platforms, and handling maintenance—Michele paints a comprehensive picture of the property landscape in Cabo.

The episode also touches on additional services like stocking groceries and managing bills and the benefits of Airbnb stays in exploring local areas.

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Key Moments: 

00:10 Couple moves to Cabo, starts a successful business.

04:58 Successful vacation rental business.

07:54 Challenges of managing utilities and annual fees.

19:02 Key property management questions, small details matter.

20:17 Three-month rental equals short vacation rental.

23:37 Cabo living: safe, options, furnished places available.

29:03 Smooth lease signing, expect delays in moving.

30:30 Transitioning to Cabo: Challenges and Lots of References.

About the Guest –  

Michele Poirier, originally from Calgary, Canada, found her entrepreneurial spirit unexpectedly ignited by the warm breezes and azure skies of Cabo San Lucas. What began as a simple life change, in pursuit of security and sun, evolved into a thriving property management venture she hadn’t anticipated. Michele, alongside her husband, stumbled into the niche market of property management by managing a single property, which quickly expanded as they recognized the growing demands of Mexico’s housing market.

Their business, Proper Savvy Property Management, grew organically from personal need to a professional service overseeing 14 homes. Bridging the gap between homeowners desiring passive income and vacationers seeking the perfect escape, Michele adapted and flourished in her newfound role. What started as a lifestyle choice turned into a professional calling, marking Michele’s journey with the hallmarks of adaptability and the unexpected joy of finding one’s niche in a foreign land. Her story is one of turning a spontaneous life move into a prosperous and unexpected career south of the border.

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