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Podcast 043: Navigating Real Estate Investment in Mexico’s Riviera Maya: Opportunities and Pitfalls with Susi MacDonald

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto and real estate agent Susi MacDonald tackle the intricacies of investing in Riviera Maya’s thriving property market.

Susi emphasizes the necessity of thorough research and transparency in dealings with developers, highlighting due diligence and the need for a licensed realtor. They discuss the importance of respecting the local environment and community, and Risa notes practical aspects of oceanfront properties, including maintenance costs.

Susi points out the impact of Federal Highway 307 and new developments planned in the region. Financing options for foreigners, selecting reputable developers, and the benefits of legal representation are also covered.

The episode also introduces the innovative concept of a new condo hotel in Puerto Morelos, Inna Beach Condo and Hotels which balances hotel convenience with the comforts of home for potential investors.

Risa recounts her experience of the region’s growth through her trip to Cancún and Playa del Carmen, reinforcing the region’s appeal for real estate investment in the wake of infrastructural developments like the Mayan train and Tulum International Airport. Both speakers provide valuable advice for listeners looking to invest in Mexico’s Riviera Maya safely.

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Key Moments: 

00:10 Exciting completion of huge infrastructure projects in Mexico.

06:27 Cancún: metropolitan city with infrastructure improvement.

07:51 Diverse routes needed for Tulum’s growth plan.

10:30 Consider your needs and budget when choosing.

13:58 Key aspects of developer stability and funding.

17:06 Location crucial for condo hotel rental experience.

22:45 Oceanfront condo hotel in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

24:41 Pre-construction financing via wire transfer with terms.

29:46 Inquiring about social and environmental responsibility in development.

33:55 Find licensed, trusted realtors in each area.

34:50 Thoroughly discuss investment with agents for success.

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