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Podcast 035: Top 5 Most Affordable Towns in Mexico for Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

In this episode, Risa delves into the top 5 most affordable towns in Mexico for retirees. From the tranquil lakeside communities of Ajijic and Chapala to the vibrant cultural scene in Oaxaca, Risa explores the cost of living, housing options, and the allure of each location.

Listeners will learn about the affordable lifestyle, rich cultural tapestries, and the availability of amenities in these Mexican towns. Risa also delves into the importance of learning basic Spanish and navigating daily life in these communities.

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Host Risa Morimoto, Puerto Vallarta real estate broker Taniel Chemsian, and healthcare specialist Pamela Thompson share their expertise and insider knowledge about the most popular expat destinations in Mexico, basics of buying real estate and healthcare options for foreigners. They will be there to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Key Moments:

06:27 Consider caveats and costs, but embrace community.

09:22 Oaxaca offers affordable groceries, transportation, and utilities.

11:47 Quality healthcare in Oaxaca, vibrant Guanajuato.

14:45 Guanajuato offers diverse experiences in cultural richness.

21:11 Explore Mayan ruins, art, culture, and food.

23:29 Querétaro, Mexico: Colonial charm, affordable living.

27:02 Plan based on realistic income and location.

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