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merida real estate

Podcast 013: Discovering Mérida: A Charming City with Affordable Healthcare and Convenient Transportation Options with Nicholas Sanders

In Episode 13 of the Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto chats with Mérida real estate agent Nicholas Sanders to discuss various aspects of retiring or living in Mérida. The episode covers a range of topics, including real estate prices, popular neighborhoods, financing options, and transportation. Nicholas provides insights into different areas for…

kirsten and mark raccuia

Podcast 012: From Vacation to Relocation: Exploring the Realities of Living in Mexico’s Popular Tourist Destinations with Kirsten and  Mark Raccuia

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, host Risa Morimoto explores key factors to consider when retiring in Mexico with Kirsten and  Mark Raccuia. Kirsten and  Mark share insights on topics such as credit cards, banking, and healthcare. They discuss the importance of getting credit cards before retiring to maximize benefits and credit limits….

Taniel Puerto Vallarta

Podcast 011: Uncover Your Perfect Retirement Haven: The Charm and Convenience of Puerto Vallarta

In Episode 11 of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, hosts Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian discuss the popular neighborhoods for expats to live in Puerto Vallarta (PV). They start by describing PV’s location in the state of Jalisco on the west coast of Mexico, nestled in the center of Banderas Bay, which offers breathtaking…

glen and tracey muir move to cabo

Podcast 010: Plan Your Dream Retirement: Overcoming Language, Work, and Immigration Challenges in Mexico with Tracey and Glen Muir

In Episode 10 of the Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, expats from Florida turned Cabo-based real estate agents, Tracey and Glen Muir share their journey from Canada to Tampa, Florida, and ultimately their decision to make the leap to move to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They discuss the importance of careful planning and research before…

rent home in puerto vallarta

Podcast 009: Renting in Puerto Vallarta: A Guide for Foreigners Looking for a Dream Retirement

In Episode 9 of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto talk with guest Alma Pietra, an rental agent in Mexico. Alma shares her insights and advice for renting properties in Mexico. Alma discusses the negotiation process and highlights the importance of good communication between tenants and owners. She emphasizes the importance of…

playa del carmen

Podcast 008: Insider Tips for Buying Property in the Riviera Maya with Susana MacDonald

In today’s episode, Playa Del Carmen based real estate agent Susana MacDonald shares her firsthand experiences and insights on real estate opportunities in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum. Susana takes us on a journey through these vibrant and picturesque areas highlighting the stunning ocean views, the booming rental market, and the unique…

pre-sale vs resale condos

Podcast 007: Exploring the Condo Market: Pre-construction to Resale Options

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, hosts Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian dive into the intricacies of the condo real estate market in Mexico. They discuss the popularity of condos among baby boomers and generation X individuals who are looking to downsize and simplify their lives. They also highlight that not all cities…

gabrielle smith visa

Podcast 006: Navigating Visas and Residency in Mexico: What You Need to Know with Dr. Gabrielle Smith, PhD

Our guest today is Gabrielle Smith, an immigration facilitator who helps clients navigate the process of obtaining residency in Mexico. Gabrielle shares valuable insights and tips on the immigration process, visa requirements, and necessary documentation. The episode begins with an overview of tourist visas in Mexico, which can last up to 180 days. Gabrielle emphasizes…

how to buy real estate in mexico

Podcast 005: Buying Real Estate in Mexico

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, our host Taniel Chemsian shares insightful advice on investing in real estate in Mexico. Key points discussed include the importance of keeping an open mind, connecting with reputable agents and attorneys, conducting due diligence, considering trust banks, understanding the differences in escrow, setting proper expectations, and consulting…


Podcast 004: Navigating Challenges: Living in a Foreign Country for Your Dream Retirement in Mexico with Janet Blaser

In this episode of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto is joined by guest journalist and author Janet Blaser.  She shares her experiences living in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Despite facing challenges that come with living in a foreign country, including culture and a language barrier, Janet expresses her happiness and enjoyment living in…

san miguel de allende

Podcast 003: Discovering San Miguel de Allende: Popular Neighborhoods and Guidance on Immigrating to Mexico with Michelle Wedderburn

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, host Risa Morimoto sits down with guest Michelle Wedderburn, who shares her experiences and insights on relocating to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Michelle begins by discussing a recent relocation group that was organized, which provided information on immigration procedures and establishing oneself in the new country….