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Podcast 024: Insider Insights: Living and Retiring in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico’s Best City with Carolina Sanchez

In this episode of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto interviews Carolina Sanchez, a real estate agent in San Miguel de Allende. Carolina shares her personal background, growing up in Mexico and later moving to the United States before ultimately deciding to return to her roots in Mexico.

She explains why San Miguel de Allende is a popular retirement destination, highlighting its diverse culture, beautiful climate, and affordable cost of living compared to the United States. Carolina discusses the different neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, such as San Antonio, Guadiana, Guadalupe and how each offers something unique to potential retirees. 

She also showcases two properties available for sale: a piece of land in San Antonio and a charming colonial house in a gated community. Carolina advises listeners to visit San Miguel de Allende for an extended period of time to explore the different neighborhoods and determine which one suits their lifestyle best. She concludes by sharing her contact information for those interested in learning more about living in San Miguel de Allende.

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Key Moments: 

01:57 Returned to Mexico for roots, culture, family.

03:41 Global diversity enriches and attracts people to San Miguel.

06:37 Desirable neighborhoods close to the historic center.

12:15 Beautiful land in San Antonio, great investment.

18:15 Gated community home, perfect for renting.

21:34 Rent: 2nd month, first, last, deposit. No credit score required.

22:34 Recommendations for experiencing San Miguel as a resident.

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