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Podcast 030: Navigating Financial Planning for Retirement in Mexico: Tips and Strategies with Bryant Palma

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast our hosts and financial expert Bryant Palma dive into crucial financial planning strategies for retiring in Mexico. From currency exchange considerations to real estate investment insights, the episode emphasizes the need for due diligence and professional advice tailored to individual financial situations.

The discussion provides valuable tips and strategies for navigating the financial aspects of retiring in Mexico, offering a wealth of information for those considering retirement or investment in the country.

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Key Moments: 

05:06 Mexico is positioning itself as a go-to country.

09:02 Consider currency and bank options for foreigners.

11:50 Consider using local experts for real estate.

14:42 Currency exchange affects financial planning and priorities.

18:06 Mexico’s growth attracts investors seeking stability.

22:10 Notary rules differ in US, Canada, Mexico.

24:55 Notary fees vary by state, shop around.

29:02 Remodeled house led to legal issues. Be cautious.

30:32 Housing prices have doubled, investment in pesos/dollars.

34:56 Mexico offers safe real estate transactions, but caution.

About the Guest – 

Bryant Palma is a successful entrepreneur and international business professional. After working in the banking industry, specializing in currency exchange, Bryant decided to follow his passion and open his own business. He wanted to provide his clients with a wider range of products and services that he couldn’t offer at the bank due to its limitations. Thanks to the support of his clients, Bryant’s business has exceeded expectations, reaching the breakeven point in just 9 months, far surpassing the typical 3 to 5 year timeframe for new businesses. Bryant is grateful for the support and looks forward to continued success in his venture. You can connect with Bryant at

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