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Podcast 010: Plan Your Dream Retirement: Overcoming Language, Work, and Immigration Challenges in Mexico with Tracey and Glen Muir

In Episode 10 of the Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, expats from Florida turned Cabo-based real estate agents, Tracey and Glen Muir share their journey from Canada to Tampa, Florida, and ultimately their decision to make the leap to move to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

They discuss the importance of careful planning and research before making such a big move. From listing and selling their house to navigating visa requirements and immigration processes, they offer valuable tips and insights for potential retirees considering a move to Mexico.

One of the significant considerations they discuss is the topic of vehicles and the importance of understanding the rules and regulations regarding Mexican-plated vehicles versus American-plated vehicles. They also share a loophole they discovered in the Baja Peninsula, where American or Canadian-plated cars can freely travel without restrictions.

Tracey and Glen emphasize the need for clarity and clear communication with their partners when making significant decisions. They share their experiences and the conflicting emotions they encountered throughout the process.

Overall, the episode provides a wealth of information and personal experiences to guide and inspire those dreaming of retiring in Mexico.

Key Moments :

[00:05:31] Choosing to leap for an extraordinary life.

[00:09:32] Riskier move to a different country with no prospects.

[00:13:27] Important steps to consider for moving to Mexico

[00:15:08] Options for permanent residency in Mexico 

[00:23:13] Importing vehicles to Mexico can be complicated.

[00:25:14] Taxes, import duties, insurance: car complications summarized.

[00:31:47] Bank account is essential for house ownership.

[00:35:06] Encourage expats to get medical insurance.

About the Guests : 

Glen Muir and his wife Tracy had full-time jobs in the United States when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like many others, they faced the possibility of being laid off temporarily. Fortunately, they eventually returned to work, but this unforeseen break allowed them to pause and reevaluate their lives.  The couple had always dreamed of moving to Mexico for a new adventure, and this unexpected situation gave them the perfect opportunity to explore that possibility. With extra time, Glen and Tracy decided to go online and start researching houses in Mexico. 

They crunched the numbers and realized that with the current exchange rate, the savings they had amassed could cover their expenses for a couple of years. Excited by this prospect, they felt that the pandemic had been a catalyst for reevaluating their priorities and taking the leap to pursue their dream of living in Mexico. 

After careful consideration, Glen and Tracy boldly decided to pull the trigger and move to Mexico. They were ready for a change and felt that this new chapter in their lives would bring them fulfillment and adventure. By embracing the unexpected challenges brought by the pandemic, Glen and Tracy found the courage to create a new life for themselves in a country they had always dreamed of exploring.  They have since become real estate agents in the Cabo San Lucas area.

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