Podcast 019: From California to Mazatlan: A New Career and Life in Mexico with Janet Blaser

Watch my first interview with Janet where she talks about the cost of living in Mazatlan – 

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, host Risa Morimoto welcomes guest Janet Blaser, an author who shares her experiences living in Mazatlan for the past 17 years. She advises listeners to start retirement in a place they enjoy, making it as comfortable as possible.

Janet acknowledges the challenges and unexpected situations that can arise and stresses the importance of having a support network. She mentions the need for research and due diligence when seeking medical care in Mexico, recommending bilingual assistance if language barriers exist. 

Janet shares her prior personal experience of living in a small village, highlighting the importance of access to basic amenities and safety. She also discusses the value of an established expat community in cities like Mazatlan and the practical considerations of healthcare options. 

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Key Moments: 

[00:00:24] Mazatlan resident shares insight on life changes.

[00:04:08] Crossing the border, unexpected language barrier, feeling lost.

[00:09:41] Expats help with advice and convenience in cities.

[00:10:58] “Advice: Find a place you like.”

[00:16:57] Mazatlan attracts Mexican tourists during COVID.

[00:23:15] Renovating old buildings, thinking outside the box.

[00:26:41] Health emergency 

[00:32:26] Limited hospital resources require careful questioning.

[00:41:36] Make your dream retirement in Mexico happen.

About the Guest : 

Janet Blaser is a journalist-turned-adventurer who found her way to Mazatlan, Mexico 17 years ago. Seeking a simpler way of life and an exciting new chapter, Janet left behind her career as a reporter in Santa Cruz, California, just as the internet was reshaping the media industry. Drawn to the vibrant tourist scene in Mazatlan, Janet recognized an opportunity and decided to start her own business. Since then, she has wholeheartedly embraced her life in Mazatlan, continuing to thrive in this idyllic coastal city.

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