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Podcast 025: Snowbirding in Mexico: A Guide to Visa, Accommodations, and Living Costs

In this episode, Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian provide a comprehensive guide for long-term snowbirding in Mexico. They cover essential topics such as visas, accommodations, and living costs, offering valuable insights and practical tips for a successful and fulfilling experience.

Their discussion emphasizes the importance of thorough planning and consideration of various aspects, including financial preparation, emergency contacts, and logistical considerations. 

Overall, the episode is an invaluable resource for individuals contemplating an extended stay in Mexico, providing a wealth of information to support a smooth transition and enjoyable winter retreat.

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Key Moments : 

03:31 Visa duration not guaranteed, check before planning.

07:17 Landlord required leases at notary’s office.

10:14 Budget for rent, utilities, transportation, insurance, food, travel.

14:42 Small businesses may not accept credit cards.

19:39 Plan ahead, consider language, have emergency contacts.

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