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Podcast 026: Life in Merida Mexico: Cartess Ross on Finding Safety, Savings, and Superior Healthcare

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, Cartess Ross shares his journey on relocating to Mexico with his family. From his initial lack of financial retirement planning to finding safety, savings, and superior healthcare in Merida, Mexico, Cartess discusses the positive impact of moving to Mexico.

He highlights the affordability and high-quality care of the healthcare system, as well as the significant reduction in living expenses. Cartess also recommends firsthand exploration of Mexico and shares resources for those considering a life abroad. 

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Key Moments: 

06:22 Arrived in Colombia unsure, ended up loving it.

11:43 Police officers drove and helped with enthusiasm.

15:09 Emergency surgery needed for an ovarian cyst.

17:30 Excellent care, concerns about long-term care.

25:51 Mistake in comparing housing costs in Mexico.

29:48 Recently moved to a rural area, enjoying independence.

33:44 Face your fears by visiting for yourself.

34:27 Media paints a bad picture, real experience is different.

About the Guest:

Cartess Ross was born in Mississippi but spent much of his early life traveling around the United States due to his father’s military career. After serving in the Air Force for four years, Cartess continued to move around the country, never settling in one place for long. Eventually, he got married and had five children, four girls and one boy. His nomadic lifestyle and love for adventure have shaped his personal and professional endeavors.

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