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Podcast 034: Dream Retirement in Mexico: Top Beach Towns in Mexico for 2024

In this episode, Risa showcases the top beach towns in Mexico for 2024 that are perfect for a dream retirement. From the laid-back lifestyle of Playa Del Carmen on the Riviera Maya, to the affordable paradise of Bucerías, and the perpetual summer climate of Cabo San Lucas, Risa explores the diverse retirement options available in Mexico.  She discusses the top places where expats are going plus nearby alternatives for those who may not be able to afford these popular beach towns.

Join us as we delve into the low cost of living, lively expat communities, and the abundance of outdoor activities awaiting retirees in these sought-after locations. Whether you’re dreaming of snorkeling, hiking amidst Mayan Ruins, or savoring fiery Mexican flavors, these town destinations offer an idyllic retirement haven for those seeking adventure and relaxation. 

Stay tuned as Risa also shares insights into Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, and Cabo San Lucas, and invites you to a free webinar on retiring in Mexico. Don’t miss this episode highlighting the top beach towns in Mexico for your dream retirement in 2024.

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Key Moments: 

06:34 Choose neighborhood, reputable agent, real estate basics.

08:23 Puerto Vallarta: diverse, vibrant community, beach alternative.

10:46 Bucerías: Sun, beach, outdoor lifestyle, community, golf.

15:03 Cabo lifestyle: laid back, diverse, affordable.

18:43 Consider Todos Santos, a vibrant Baja neighbor.

22:53 Todos Santos: a cultural beach town tapestry.

25:18 Playa del Carmen’s summer heats with seaweed.

28:04 In Playa del Carmen, diverse community, personal growth.

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