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Podcast 037: Should You Retire to Mexico – Essential Considerations for Your Dream Retirement

Should you retire to Mexico? Host Risa Morimoto takes us through the various factors to consider when contemplating retiring in Mexico, from cost of living to cultural adjustments.

Risa discusses the appeal of Mexico as a retirement destination, the realities of living in the country, and the importance of thorough research and exploration before making this life-changing decision.

Join us as we explore the pros and cons of retiring in Mexico and gain insights into the considerations you should keep in mind before making such a significant move.

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Host Risa Morimoto, Puerto Vallarta real estate broker Taniel Chemsian, and healthcare specialist Pamela Thompson share their expertise and insider knowledge about the most popular expat destinations in Mexico, basics of buying real estate and healthcare options for foreigners. They will be there to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Key Moments: 

04:53 Consider Mexico for retirement due to cost.

10:18 Rent in different neighborhoods, consider local amenities.

11:32 Considerations for buying property in Mexico: webinars, financing, taxes, weather.

14:37 Consider living in a rural town or expat community.

19:02 Consider options for relocating based on priorities.

23:41 Explore Facebook groups, attend Mexico retirement webinar. Exciting!

24:49 Options and flexibility for a happy retirement.

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