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Podcast 036: Securing Residency and Property in Mexico: Dr. Aaron Bryant’s Retirement Journey Unveiled

n this episode, Dr. Aaron Bryant shares his insightful experiences and valuable advice on retirement and property ownership in Mexico. Dr. Bryant discusses the benefits of obtaining permanent residency in Mexico, navigating the real estate market, and efficiently obtaining credit and financial opportunities.   He continues to travel extensively throughout the world but keeps his home bases in the US and Puerto Vallarta.  

He shares his journey of finding tranquility in Puerto Vallarta and offers practical tips for saving money while traveling.

Stay tuned to gain valuable insights from Dr. Bryant’s expertise and experiences!

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Key Moments: 

05:39 Issues with moving to Mexico and buying a vehicle.

17:01 Negotiating price for sale or rent. Value increases.

22:55 Look for a reputable developer with capital and vision.

25:56 Do your homework before dealing with people.

32:01 Invest in property for a family vacation place.

36:36 Avoid tourist taxes, pursue financial advantages in Mexico.

38:04 Financing property in Mexico through Intercam causes taxes.

43:07 Limit your expenses with your income.

46:56 Effort and planning can lead to enjoyment.

48:09 Leverage trip for better economic opportunities. Do research.

About the Guest

Aaron Bryant retired in 2019 and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to travel after his divorce. As a mental health advocate, he was transparent about his need for tranquility and found it in Puerto Vallarta. He continues to travel to different places, but Puerto Vallarta holds a special place in his heart and feels like home to him.

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