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Podcast 003: Discovering San Miguel de Allende: Popular Neighborhoods and Guidance on Immigrating to Mexico with Michelle Wedderburn

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, host Risa Morimoto sits down with guest Michelle Wedderburn, who shares her experiences and insights on relocating to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Michelle begins by discussing a recent relocation group that was organized, which provided information on immigration procedures and establishing oneself in the new country. This group had presentations, Q&A sessions, and neighborhood tours with local experts, including an immigration specialist and a realtor. 

Michelle, originally from Toronto, Canada, and having lived in Connecticut and Florida, shares her journey of exploring different countries and ultimately settling on Mexico. Although after visiting San Miguel de Allende in 2005 she decided not to move there, Mexico kept popping up as a potential destination. Michelle emphasizes the importance of experiencing San Miguel de Allende firsthand to truly understand its beauty. 

Michelle highlights the opportunities that moving to a different country, such as Mexico, can offer in terms of quality of life, slower pace, and meaningful connections. San Miguel de Allende with its mix of preserved history and modern progress provides a unique soft landing for foreigners looking to transition into living in Mexico. 

Tune in to this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico to hear more about Michelle’s journey and insights into living and thriving in San Miguel de Allende.

Key Moments: 

[00:02:47] Mexico’s rich culture, pace, and diverse demographics.

[00:07:54] Mountain town with preserved Spanish colonial charm, art, and vibrant shops; moderate weather, historical appeal.

[00:11:03] A comfortable landing with a welcoming community.

[00:15:19] Complex search for rental homes in San Miguel de Allende

[00:17:45] San Miguel de Allende is an expensive city in Mexico, but there are affordable options and living expenses are reasonable. Renting and obtaining residency is not difficult.

[00:25:08] Rent: Around $1100/month (depending on exchange rate) Electricity: Approximately $25/month Water: About $15/month Groceries: Can spend $100/week as a couple, but depends on personal choice Healthcare: Full coverage in the US translates to Mexico, cost around $1600/year with $1000 family deductible. Reimbursement for expenses above $1000 with some coverage at 80/20 split.

[00:31:27] Summary: Woman moves to Mexico, plans retreats. Finds difficulties but eventually finds a space.

[00:37:11] Multi-purpose space for relocation and retreats.

[00:40:38] Money can improve quality of life. Enjoy present moments with loved ones.

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About Michelle Wedderburn:

Michelle Wedderburn, originally from Toronto, Canada, grew up in Connecticut. After spending over 10 years in Florida, she felt the desire to explore different countries and places. In 2005, she visited San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and although she enjoyed it, she wasn’t initially interested in living there due to its slower pace. However, during a research trip to San Miguel de Allende in 2017, Michelle decided to make a life-changing decision to move to the city. She believes that while there is plenty of information available about San Miguel de Allende, truly experiencing its beauty is necessary to fully understand its appeal.

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