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Podcast 011: Uncover Your Perfect Retirement Haven: The Charm and Convenience of Puerto Vallarta

In Episode 11 of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, hosts Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian discuss the popular neighborhoods for expats to live in Puerto Vallarta (PV). They start by describing PV’s location in the state of Jalisco on the west coast of Mexico, nestled in the center of Banderas Bay, which offers breathtaking views and opportunities for whale watching, dolphins, and sea turtle sightings. Taniel has lived in PV for 19 years. He notes the city’s growth and development, including improvements in infrastructure such as the airport and cruise ship terminal.

Risa and Taniel emphasize the romantic zone as the most popular neighborhood for expats in PV. Its charming cobblestone streets, an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, proximity to Los Muertos Beach, and walkability make it an attractive choice for retirees. Investing in property in this area is also considered lucrative. Risa and Taniel mention that having a car in the romantic zone can be inconvenient due to traffic, but public transportation options like Uber and buses are available.

They also highlight Amapas and Conchas Chinas neighboring areas as another great option for expats. These hillside residential areas offer beautiful homes and new condos, bordering the romantic zone.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the ideal expat neighborhoods in PV, helping listeners make informed decisions about their dream retirement in Mexico.

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Key Moments: 

[00:03:07] Puerto Vallarta is growing with expanded infrastructure and attractions.

[00:04:38] Charming romantic zone with everything you need.

[00:10:28] Up-and-coming neighborhoods.

[00:14:32] Fluvial has bilingual schools and nice homes.

[00:17:47] Summers have heavy rain, mainly in August-September.

[00:20:50] For social people, go to the romantic zone or Versalles for restaurants. Marina is good for quiet dinners closer to town. Further south is quiet with few restaurants. Further north has more restaurants and development. La Cruz is busy but not a nightlife scene like the romantic zone.

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