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Podcast 038: Retiring in the Riviera Maya in 2024: Real Estate Insights with Susi MacDonald

In this episode, Risa Morimoto and Susi MacDonald, dive deep into the allure of retiring in the stunning Riviera Maya. With over 12 years of local experience, Susi shares invaluable insights on the region’s property market—from the popularity of Tulum, the growth of Puerto Morelos, to the holistically inclined Playa del Carmen.

Discover the significance of working with reputable builders and understanding Mexican real estate laws to secure your dream home. Learn about sustainable development along the coral-kissed shores extending from Cancun to Cozumel.

Listen as they discuss the benefits of the area’s cool turquoise waters, the reduction of sargassum seaweed, and the amenities that entice retirees and digital nomads alike.

Whether you’re curious about the local community of Puerto Aventuras or the lively Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen, this episode offers a treasure trove of information for anyone considering a serene retirement in beautiful Mexico.

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Key Moments: 

04:32 Real estate agent prioritizes responsibility and experience.

06:47 Yucatan Peninsula: limestone ground, 10,000+ cenotes. Land development regulated by density.

11:34 Unique boutique projects in growing, sustainable area of Puerto Morelos

14:00 Playa del Carmen has growth development and variety.

18:20 Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue: tourist hotspot.

20:26 Playa del Carmen attracts a remote working demographic.

28:09 New airport in Tulum fulfills important promises.

About the Guest 

Susi MacDonald’s journey from a teenager to a savvy investor commenced with a family move at the age of 15, triggered by her father’s job. They settled in a place they once visited on vacation and had since become a yearly go-to spot, enamored by its continuous development. Two decades later, armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, Susi took a leap into real estate investment in this cherished area. Despite facing a different and challenging process, she meticulously worked with a knowledgeable realtor and trusted attorney to navigate the complexities of buying land in a new country. Susi’s tenacity and thoroughness paid off, allowing her to not only succeed in her investment but also to gain valuable insight into the nuances of international real estate compared to her experiences in the U.S. Her story encapsulates the essence of strategic investment and the rewards of embracing change.

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