Podcast 049: Move to Puerto Vallarta Mexico – Unlocking Healthcare and Lifestyle Secrets with Mark and Kirsten Raccuia

In this episode, host Risa Morimoto is  joined by Kirsten and Mark Raccuia, who share their incredible journey from Malaysia to Mexico’s vibrant Puerto Vallarta. They open up about the stark differences in healthcare costs between the US and Mexico and offer insightful advice for anyone considering moving to Mexico.

Learn about their transition from renting to finding the perfect home, the local culture, and the affordability of life in Mexico. They also reminisce about the friendships built during nearly a decade, the lively atmosphere they’ve found in their new Mexican paradise.

Whether it’s enjoying affordable beachside tacos or experiencing the charm of local markets, this episode is packed with practical tips and heartwarming stories that could inspire your own retirement dreams in Mexico. Tune in and let’s explore the joys and possibilities of expat living.

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Key Moments: 

05:11 Moved to Penang, made lots of friends.

07:38 Seeking oceanfront living for relaxation and enjoyment.

10:37 Nostalgic neighborhood services create old world charm.

13:28 Transition to freedom from COVID restrictions felt liberating.

22:47 Affordable street food and occasional fancy dining.

30:16 Visit Mexico, but research before committing.

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