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Podcast 029: Exploring Puerto Vallarta’s Neighborhoods: A Guide to Retirement and Real Estate Investment

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, hosts Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian take you on a virtual tour of Puerto Vallarta’s neighborhoods, highlighting the real estate opportunities in Fluvial, the Romantic Zone, and the Marina area, while also sharing insights into the 2023 and 2024 real estate markets.

Additionally, Risa and Taniel discuss their personal experiences and property renovations, offering valuable tips for retirees and investors.

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Key Moments: 

05:52 Real estate market shows strong travel trends.

09:08 Amapas and surrounding areas see construction growth.

12:12 Investment property tax advice for potential buyers.

15:51 Urban area attracts various demographics with activities.

17:12 Romantic Zone offers varied, limited scenic views.

24:10 Rapid development in the small town of Bucerías.

26:12 Consider pre-construction for rising property values, or rent.

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