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Podcast 027: Retiring Abroad in Ajijic and Chapala: Navigating Finances and Healthcare in Mexico with Nannette Thomas

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto is joined by Nannette Thomas to discuss the intricacies of retiring abroad, specifically in Lake Chapala, Mexico. The conversation delves into maintaining ties to the US while residing in Mexico, including the importance of having a US address, managing US bank accounts, and handling US income. Nannette emphasizes the significance of setting up wills and trusts for individuals living abroad and recommends opening a Charles Schwab account to manage income while minimizing fees effectively.

Healthcare is a crucial topic, as Nannette discusses her experience with the healthcare system, including utilizing Medicare and purchasing a private catastrophic insurance plan. She underlines the necessity of having a plan in place for unexpected illness or death while living abroad, stressing the importance of comprehensive coverage and proper preparation. The episode also provides a detailed view of daily life in Mexico, exploring the diverse cultural experiences, adjustments to smaller town living, and the efficiency of services and infrastructure. 

Nannette shares her personal living situation and the cost of living in Mexico, offering valuable insights into the lifestyle options available in the area. Listeners are treated to an informative and engaging discussion, offering practical guidance for those considering retirement abroad, particularly in Mexico. Nannette’s expertise and firsthand experiences provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial and healthcare considerations of pursuing a dream retirement south of the border.

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Key Moments: 

03:38 Expats in the Lakeside region near Guadalajara.

07:30 Adapting to small town life without fast food.

10:26 Friend faced internet transfer issues, communication challenges.

19:42 Plan your appointments and shopping efficiently.

28:06 International insurance and emergency evacuation coverage options.

33:02 Crisis motivates, valuable experiences, US-Mexico.

About the Guest – 

Nannette Thomas was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but spent the majority of her adult life in Los Angeles, California. After retiring from the Los Angeles Unified School District, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to escape the high cost of living in LA. Disheartened by the political climate in the US, Nannette began exploring options for living abroad. She considered countries in Central and South America, as well as Mexico, before deciding to seek a new life outside of the United States.

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