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Podcast 032: Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investment in Mexico: Los Cabos Edition

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast host Risa Morimoto is joined by Cabo San Lucas real estate agents Tracey and Glen Muir, along with real estate attorney Jonatan Espinosa, to delve into the world of real estate in Los Cabos. The guests share their experiences, expertise, and valuable insights into purchasing property in Mexico, emphasizing the unique challenges and considerations involved.

From navigating the intricacies of buying property within restricted zones to the importance of professional guidance and due diligence, this episode offers a wealth of information for anyone considering real estate in this vibrant region. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from these seasoned professionals as they debunk myths and shed light on the joys and potential pitfalls of purchasing property in paradise.

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Key Moments: 

04:48 Teaching real estate in Mexico through 12-week programs.

06:45 Started law firm in Cabo aiding foreigners.

10:41 Buying property in Mexico is a unique experience.

16:38 Living by the ocean has benefits and protection.

24:19 Real estate professionals handle property ownership details.

27:33 Different types of due diligence reports explained.

30:58 The Baja is a unique travel destination.

36:25 Real estate market in Cabo is growing.

38:32 Growing dental and medical tourism market

About the Guests

Glen Muir is a real estate expert with a strong background in property investment. He has successfully made the leap into buying investment properties himself and has provided valuable support and guidance to others in the real estate market. His personal experience has given him credibility and the ability to offer peace of mind to first-time buyers and investors.

Tracey Muir is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable business practices. She has a successful track record of creating and managing environmentally friendly businesses and is dedicated to promoting sustainability in all aspects of her work.

Jonathan Espinosa is a reputable lawyer with extensive experience in real estate law. He is known for providing exceptional legal counsel to clients navigating the complexities of property purchasing and investment. Jonathan has built a solid reputation for delivering peace of mind to his clients through his expertise and professionalism in the legal field.

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