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Podcast 041: Renting Property in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide for International Tenants

In this episode of “Dream Retirement In Mexico,” host Risa Morimoto shares a comprehensive guide on renting property in Mexico. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the rental market dynamics and legal aspects and provides essential tips for finding and renting the perfect property hassle-free.

Risa covers various rental locations, property types, and resources to streamline the search process and the critical steps involved in initiating the rental process and understanding tenant rights.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into confidently navigating the rental market in Mexico and securing their dream property. Stay tuned for expert advice and practical tips to make your Mexico rental experience exciting and rewarding.

Some of the rental websites she recommends for research or finding properties are

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Key Moments: 

00:10 Renting property in Mexico guide for newcomers.

04:45 Short term vs. long term rentals in Mexico

09:27 Research property management, rental process, Mexico tenancy.

10:50 Consult real estate attorney, review lease carefully.

16:07 Notify the landlord and maintain a positive relationship. Be patient.

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