Podcast 023: Exploring Mexico City’s Abundance: Food, Parks, and Cultural Adventures with Dr. Gabrielle Smith

In this episode of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, Risa Morimoto chats with Dr. Gabrielle Smith about her experiences living in vibrant Mexico City.

Gabrielle takes us on a journey through the bustling streets, sharing her favorite neighborhoods, transportation tips, and the eclectic food scene that makes Mexico City a true gastronomic delight.

Get ready to be inspired as Dr. Gabrielle Smith provides insights into the vibrant culture, affordable living, and countless possibilities that await those seeking their dream retirement in Mexico City.

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Key Moments: 

06:40 Foreigners often reside in Roma Norte, La Condesa, and Polanco neighborhoods

07:26 Polanco: Beautiful but sterile. Prefer more local neighborhoods. La Condesa: Gorgeous with parks, vibrant vibe. Mexico: Lung of Condesa, vendors, music, classes.

18:53 Fabulous experience with set menu and flavored water.

23:47 Gorgeous area nearby with options.

28:02 Limited space but favorite service for dogs.

28:58 Penthouse apartment, found online, lucked out.

About the Guest –

Dr. Gabrielle Smith, PhD is a Mexican residency and visa expert based in Mexico City, Mexico.  She specializes in helping foreigners from all over the world obtain their temporary or permanent visas to Mexico.   She is originally from Arizona and has lived in Mexico City for several years.

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