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Podcast 002: A Love Affair with Puerto Vallarta with Stefan and Ada

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico, host Risa Morimoto is joined by guests Stefan and Ada to talk about their experiences buying and renovating a house in Puerto Vallarta. Stefan and Ada discuss their love for the city and how it compares to the US, as well as the importance of finding a space that feels warm and inviting for gatherings with friends and family. They also offer advice for those interested in moving to Puerto Vallarta, including tips on buying locally and being open-minded to Mexico’s different paces and processes. They provide insights on building and renovating in a tropical climate, including the types of wood and metals that are resistant to humidity and termites. Tune in to this episode for an inside look at moving in Mexico and the unique challenges and joys that come with it.

Key Moments : 

[00:02:30] Couple fell in love with Puerto Vallarta.

[00:07:52] Traditional house with a view in Mexico

[00:12:15] Convenient location, historical photos, sunset views

[00:16:14] Mexico return for family, health, retreat business

[00:19:59] Puerto Vallarta has interesting history and houses

[00:24:10] Envision how you want to use houses

[00:28:17] Costco for consumables, local purchases preferred

[00:32:11] Be patient, many types of houses available

[00:33:38] Modern condos are clean, but not us

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About Our Guests

Ada is a world traveler who has been to almost every continent with her husband, Stefan. Despite their incredible adventures, Ada always felt like there was no place like home in the Bay Area. However, that changed when they discovered Puerto Vallarta. After visiting several times, the couple got the bug to consider buying a house there. Every time they left, they found themselves missing the city more and more. Ada is certified pilates instructor and the founder of Be Well Stay Well program. Check out their YouTube channel, Living Simply in Mexico for more on their lives in Puerto Vallarta.

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