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Podcast 013: Discovering Mérida: A Charming City with Affordable Healthcare and Convenient Transportation Options with Nicholas Sanders

In Episode 13 of the Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto chats with Mérida real estate agent Nicholas Sanders to discuss various aspects of retiring or living in Mérida. The episode covers a range of topics, including real estate prices, popular neighborhoods, financing options, and transportation.

Nicholas provides insights into different areas for retirement in Mexico, such as Merida, Progreso, and Chuminopolis, highlighting the attractions and amenities each offers. He emphasizes the importance of considering lifestyle factors before making a decision and advises listeners to research and reach out to experts for guidance.

The discussion also delves into financing options, with Nicholas explaining the limited availability of bank loans in Mexico and the possibility of using cross-border mortgage companies or seeking financing in one’s home country.

Transportation options in Mexico including bus services, taxis, and long-term car rentals, are also explored. Nicholas mentions the affordability of healthcare in Mexico, particularly in Mérida. 

The episode provides valuable information and insights for listeners interested in retiring or living in Mexico. It guides them through important considerations and resources to make informed decisions for their dream retirement.

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Key Moments: 

[00:01:55] Mérida: Established city with charm and growth.

[00:04:16] convenient public transportation in Merida

[00:10:28] Affordable cost of living allows practicality.

[00:14:15] Suburban living outside city with gated communities.

[00:18:23] Understand process, budget, lifestyle when buying home.

[00:23:09] Limited financing options for property in Mexico. Higher fees for cross-border mortgages. Consider costs and alternatives before deciding.

[00:26:14] Chuminopolis: affordable neighborhood near central with attractions.

[00:29:36] Research, connect early, establish relationships, use resources.

[00:32:34] Make your dream retirement in Mexico real.

About the Guest : 

Nicholas Sanders is a seasoned real estate agent based in Merida, a vibrant city located three hours west of Cancun on the Peninsula. Originally from Indianapolis, Nicholas made the bold decision to uproot his life and pursue his dreams in Mexico. Despite encountering unexpected challenges along the way, he quickly adapted to his new surroundings and found passion and success in the real estate industry. With seven years of experience under his belt, Nicholas is part of a top-notch agency, helping clients find their dream homes in Merida. Living in this beautiful city for the past 12 years, Nicholas has truly embraced the local culture and lifestyle, making Merida his beloved home.

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