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Podcast 014: Relocating to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Michelle Wedderburn

In this episode of the Dream Retirement in Mexico podcast, Risa is joined by guest Michelle Wedderburn to discuss the process of moving abroad and settling in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Michelle emphasizes the importance of self-assessment, urging listeners to prioritize personal preferences and internal factors over the cost of living. She recommends visiting and researching neighborhoods before signing a lease and highlight the challenges and charm of living in an old city like San Miguel de Allende. Financial planning is also discussed, considering factors such as exchange rates, fixed income, and budgeting.

They also delve into various neighborhoods and transportation options in San Miguel de Allende. They stress the importance of considering the feelings and needs of other people coming with you, such as spouses or children. The implications of buying or shipping household items and the need to obtain residency if planning to stay long-term are addressed. Michelle advises listeners to make choices and assess their personal preferences and situations, as cities may suit different people.

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Key Moments : 

[00:01:09] From Toronto to Mexico: The Journey to Move Abroad.

[00:04:37] Research, interviews, and a journey to Mexico.

[00:08:27] Important to analyze reasons, emotions, and planning when moving abroad.

[00:13:47] Lucky research trip leads to finding rental.

[00:18:37] Gated communities are popular in city outskirts.

[00:22:32] Starting a business in Mexico is doable but requires legal advice.

[00:29:38] Assess yourself before relocating to Mexico.

[00:36:57] Make your dream retirement in Mexico a reality.

About The Guest : 

Michelle Wedderburn, visionary Founder of Casa ELM Boutique Guesthouse and a dedicated Expat Mentor & Relocation Consultant, has been crafting her life story in the vibrant city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, since 2018. With her son by her side, Michelle has not only built a thriving brand reflecting their unique perspective but also embraced the warmth and acceptance of Mexican living.

As the gracious host of Casa ELM and a trusted relocation expert, Michelle has discovered her true calling. Fostering connections within the expat community, she relishes her role as a catalyst for change. Many seek to escape the stresses of life in the United States and embark on a new chapter abroad, and Michelle finds immense satisfaction in helping them make that leap.

For Michelle, life in Mexico is a source of boundless pleasure, and her sense of belonging within her community reaffirms her choice to relocate.

How to Connect with Michelle Wedderburn:

Website –

Instagram – @expatlife.mexico and @casaelm

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