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Podcast 033: Real Estate Insights: Buying Property in Mexico with Attorney Jessica Riedesser

In this episode, our host Risa Morimoto sits down with Jessica Riedesser, a lawyer specializing in real estate and immigration services in Mexico. With her years of experience, Jessica offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of purchasing property in Mexico, including details about trust arrangements, costs involved, and the impact of the strong peso.

From pre-construction property risks to the importance of legal counsel, this episode is packed with essential information for anyone considering retirement in Mexico. Stay tuned for an enlightening discussion on tax obligations, residency benefits, and the importance of proper legal documentation in real estate transactions.

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Key Moments: 

03:33 Foreigners must purchase through a bank trust when buying in the restricted zone

09:23 Requirement to keep legal invoices for transactions.

11:33 Busy times due to COVID, remote property deals.

16:59 Know your rights before taking possession of property.

20:04 Mexican residency entails fiscal obligation and benefits.

26:14 Designate a substitute to avoid probate delays.

27:05 Choose substitute beneficiaries early to avoid costs.

About the Guest

Jessica Riedesser is a knowledgeable real estate attorney with expertise in the restricted maritime zone property purchases in the Puerto Vallarta area. She is well-versed in the process of purchasing through a bank trust, ensuring that the foreign buyer owns the rights to the property while the bank holds the legal ownership. With her thorough understanding of the permitting process through the foreign affairs office, Jessica ensures a safe and secure transaction for her clients. Her expertise also extends to helping clients designate substitute beneficiaries, adding an extra layer of security to their investment. Overall, Jessica is a trusted resource for foreigners looking to purchase property in the restricted maritime zone, providing a smooth and secure process every step of the way.

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