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Podcast 046: How to Earn Rental Income in a New Mexican Vacation Condo in Puerto Morelos with Pedro Morales

In this episode, host Risa Morimoto and the guest Pedro Morales, project director of the upscale Inna Beach Condo and Hotels in Puerto Morelos dives into the details of how you can turn a luxurious Mexican vacation home into a profitable rental property.

Pedro discusses the advantages of the condo hotel model, the extensive amenities offered, and the professional hotel management that allows owners to earn a substantial rental income, potentially achieving a 6-8% return on investment.

Whether you’re looking to spend your winters basking in the sun or seeking a smart investment opportunity, this episode provides essential insights into making your dream retirement in Mexico a financially rewarding reality.

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Key Moments:

05:41 Convenient location with easy access to amenities.

07:14 Unique condo hotel concept in Riviera Maya.

12:03 Oceanfront property in Miami with worry-free maintenance.

15:02 Guests responsible for damages, hotel offers control.

17:17 HOA covers property maintenance, insurance, and operational costs.

21:15 Real estate investment, potential 30% capital gain.

29:20 Luxurious residential development with private pools.

31:01 Flexible ownership with potential rental income offered.

35:52 Quality building, pricing details, timeline expectations discussed.

38:36 Prices are determined by supply, demand, and investment.

43:22 Explore INNA Beach Condo hotels at dreamretirementinmexico.com.

About the Guest –

Pedro Morales, a native of Veracruz, originally studied civil engineering with aspirations of shaping public infrastructure. However, an internship with a major real estate development firm in Mexico City shifted his path toward the private sector. Drawn by the compelling influence of high-quality residential and commercial spaces on community revitalization, Pedro swiftly moved into real estate development. His proficiency expanded into market analysis and strategic sales, which he leveraged to transform undervalued areas into sought-after locales.

Today, Pedro is the guiding force behind INAH Beach Condo and Hotels in Puerto Morelos. This development encapsulates his vision of combining luxury living with sustainable tourism, attracting retirees from across North America and Europe to this serene coastal town. Pedro’s transition from engineering to real estate development highlights his adaptability and dedication to enhancing lifestyle through thoughtful property projects.

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