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Podcast 048: Making Puerto Vallarta Home: Twyman and Jesse’s Journey to Finding a Condo and Retiring in Mexico

In this episode of Dream Retirement In Mexico podcast, host Risa Morimoto dives into the adventurous journey of Twyman and Jesse, who recently made the vibrant city of Puerto Vallarta their permanent home.

From confronting bureaucratic hurdles to retrieve a visa stamp and adjusting to the local climate to navigating the real estate market, our guests share their comprehensive experience. They discuss the initial allure of Puerto Vallarta’s oceanside beauty, decision-making process behind purchasing a condo, and the unexpected challenges they faced along the way. 

Whether it’s managing documentation for setting up utilities, understanding residency requirements, or adapting to a new culture, Twyman and Jesse’s story is a treasure trove of insights for anyone considering making Mexico their retirement haven.

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Key Moments: 

04:16 Couple’s special memories and milestones in PV.

08:23 Moving to Mexico, the new building provides reassurance.

11:55 Confusion at consulate over stamp request.

13:37 Bringing their dogs to Mexico.

19:14 Hindsight: Prepare proof of residency in advance.

22:41 Online shopping limitations in Mexico, budget adjustments.

23:55 Patience and acceptance are essential in life.

28:44 Adapting to living in Mexico, expat experiences.

29:41 Finds connection in Mexico, embraces challenges.

About Twyman and Jesse –

Twyman, originally from Kentucky, and Jesse, a California Bay Area native, met in San Francisco and have been together for 12 years and married for 8. Twyman, a finance executive and Jesse, a corporate creative, followed their careers from San Francisco to Seattle, back to San Francisco and eventually landing in Palm Springs during the pandemic. The pandemic brought increasingly stressful demands for Twyman’s career and a layoff for Jesse. This, and the blistering desert heat, caused the two to begin examining their lives to evaluate how to create a healthier, better quality of life. Jesse decided to fulfill a long-time desire to be in service to others and become a wellness coach and Twyman determined that he was ready to release his career and to embrace life more fully. With a new liberated mindset, the two decided that living anywhere would now be possible. Mexico had been a special place where they celebrated birthdays, their first Christmas together and their honeymoon so it seemed like the perfect place to relocate and celebrate this new phase of their lives.

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